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Great Trips Start With Great Gear

My Favorite Travel Gear: Luggage

Affiliate links.  I make a small commission when you purchase your travel gear through these links.  It doesn't cost you anything but helps support my efforts at bringing you great travel advice and information.  Thank you!

A 24 or 25 inch suitcase is about right for a checked bag.  Don't go any bigger if you can help it. You may find yourself dragging it up and down stairs.  It's hard to over pack this size.  A full bag will get to about 40-45 lbs and be under the weight limit for most airlines. Click on the image for more options

These 15-inch under seat bags are great for carry-ons. They roll easily and have lots of pockets.  They fit under most airplane seats and have a strap across the back to go over your suitcase handle. They have great pockets and space for your snacks, headphones, etc. Click on the image for more options!

This insert fits great in the carryon bags and holds snacks, headphones, lotion, earplugs, etc.  I pull it out of the carry on and put it at my feet and pop the carry on with my purse in it into the overhead bin.  It maximizes the space on the floor for your feet. Click on the image for more options. 

packing cubes.jpg

Packing cubes are lifesavers!  They keep your suitcase organized.  You don't end up with a giant tip of clothes.  You can pull each one out, get what you need and put it back.  It's like having a dresser in your suitcase.  Click on the image for more options.


You will shop!  And, you will need space to bring things home.  I throw a duffel bag into the outside pocket of my suitcase for all my purchases.  I check the bag coming back.  If you have to pay extra to check a second bag, just know that it's cheaper than mailing a box. Click on the image for more options.


A crossbody travel purse is safe and comfortable.  I like Travelon bags because the zippers can be hooked to secure them.  Many have RFID blocking so no one can scan your credit cards to steal the numbers.   Click the image for more options

My Favorite Travel Gear: Accessories


This cord holder fits inside the carryon insert and keeps my charging cords and plugs organized for the flight.  It keeps me from having to dig through a bag for a charging cord or my ear buds. Click on the image for more options


I always take a little bit of jewelry for special nights out.  This jewelry roll includes a ring bar and zipper compartments to keep it all organized.  I like it because it slips easily into a shoe in your suitcase. Click on the image for more options.

hair dryer2.jpg

Most hotels will have hair dryers but I stil take my own.  This one has a dual voltage toggle and that's a MUST!  I love this curling/flat iron combo that is dual voltage because it works for whatever I need it to do.  Its shorter barrel makes it GREAT for travel! Click on the images for more options. 


I LOVE this makeup bag.  You don't need counter space.  Its water resistant so you can just open it up and lay it in the sink and not have to dig through a bag to find that tiny brush. I keep extra contact lenses in the zippered pocket - just in case. Click on the image for more options.

Gone are the days when you needed power converters for most things.  You really just need plug adapters (check that your electronics are dual voltage).  I love the big ones because you can plug in ALL THE THINGS but the small ones are great for your hair appliances or tight outlets. Click on the images for more options.


We are so phone dependent when we travel and you sometimes find yourself far away from charging with 7% left on your battery.  I love this power bank because it has built in cords and will fit neatly in your bag or coat pocket.  Keep a regular cord on you, too.  Some buses have USB ports. Click on the image for more options


If you are heat sensitive this fan will help keep you cool!  I plug it into the travel adapter USB port and set it by my bed for an all night breeze.  Hotel air conditioning doesn't always work and this little powerhouse is surprisingly "blowy" and will give you an extra boost. It's small and flat enough for your suitcase. Click on the image for more options.


If you need air circulation on the go, these are perfect for your purse or carryon.  They fold up very small to slip in a purse or pocket and they create a great breeze for stuffy places. Click on the image for more options.


Very few retailers and no grocery stores give you free bags anymore.  I always have these in y purse or pocket so I never have to purchase a bag.  Two sizes give you options and both fold up into a tiny pouch so you can take them along with you.  Click on the image for more options.

My Favorite Travel Gear: Shoes

Simply London Walking Shoes

Get 10% off with code SimplyLondon10

We have our own shoes!  We have collaborated with Theme Parkist to create our own super comfortable walking shoes.  These are my go-to shoes when I'm in London.  We have two styles:  The Lizzy Underground and the Union Jack

Elizabeth Line Seats

Le Mouton


These are wool blend shoes that are really comfortable.  They don't have seams which cause rubbing and potentially blisters.  They have stable, cushioned soles.  



MANY swear by Skechers for travel. The Go Walk version (shown) is very popular and comfy


Easy Spirit

Pretty good shoes for walking. They are shoes I have taken in the past and they were comfortable. I am looking at their new Emove brand for another trip. They look very comfortable and stable for walking.



Very comfortable and built for good foot support.  I have several pairs of these that I wear both at home and while traveling

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