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Yes, You Need Travel Insurance

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If you enjoy reading my blog and the content I provide, please consider using this website and its links to plan your London trip. I am compensated through affiliate links here that don't cost you anything to use but give me a small commission to pay for my time. If you want full travel agent service, reach out to me and we can plan your dream together. i am a credentialed travel agent and I can book hotels, tours, transfers and restaurants and package it up in a nice user-friendly itinerary.

Traveling is a wonderful adventure that opens our minds to new cultures, experiences, and unforgettable memories. However, it's important to recognize that the unexpected can happen at any time, even during the most carefully planned trips. That's why having trip insurance is a smart decision that can provide you with invaluable protection and peace of mind. In this blog post, we'll delve into real-life stories of individuals who faced unforeseen circumstances while traveling and how trip insurance came to their rescue.

Unfortunately, I haven't always understood my policy and have missed opportunities to take advantage of it and suffered through unnecessary frustration that the policy would have taken care of had I known what it covered. Therefore, read your policy. It's not just about the big medical issue or disaster. It can cover the little mishaps that sometimes plague a trip.

Here are some real-life examples of what trip insurance can take care of. These situations are not that uncommon.

Anna's European Adventure: Anna had meticulously planned her European adventure, which included visiting multiple countries over the course of two months. However, just a few days into her trip, she fell ill and was diagnosed with appendicitis. She required immediate surgery, which meant her travel plans were completely derailed. Luckily, Anna had purchased comprehensive trip insurance that covered medical expenses and trip interruption. Her insurance provider arranged for her medical treatment and reimbursed her for the unused portion of her trip, allowing her to recover without worrying about the financial strain.

Alex's Stolen Passport in Barcelona: During his visit to Barcelona, Alex had his bag stolen, which contained his passport, credit cards, and important travel documents. Feeling vulnerable and unsure of what to do, he contacted his trip insurance provider. They guided him through the process of reporting the incident to the local authorities, provided him with emergency funds, and facilitated the replacement of his passport. With the assistance of his insurance, Alex was able to continue his journey without major disruptions.

A passport

Sofia's Delayed Flight Nightmare: Sofia was excited to explore the vibrant city of Rome. However, her travel plans were abruptly disrupted when her flight was delayed by 12 hours due to unforeseen technical issues. As a result, she missed her connecting flight and had to book an additional night at a hotel. Fortunately, Sofia had trip insurance that covered trip delays and associated expenses. She was able to file a claim and was reimbursed for the additional accommodation costs and meals during the delay.

If you get ill or hurt in London, you can go to an emergency room (called an A&E Department for Accident and Emergency) and you will be treated in that place without cost. But, if you require further treatment or must be hospitalized, you will be charged. Your home insurance policy may not cover you internationally. This is where trip insurance can come to your rescue. But, with the examples above, it's so much more than that.

Of course, there are many stories in the travel agent world about clients who declined the agent's offer of insurance, had a problem and then wanted their travel agent to fix a problem that wasn't really fixable by the agent, but would have been taken care of with travel insurance. Things happen. Situations come up. You want the insurance against those problems.

An Ambulance

You can purchase trip insurance at the time you purchase your airline tickets. The companies used by the airlines are good companies. Or, you can purchase it HERE through our affiliate link from Travelex, a reputable company providing good coverage. Or, HERE from AIG, another highly reputable travel insurance company. Yes, it will add a few hundred dollars on to the cost of the trip, but, it's buying peace of mind and security from unforseen circumstances that could happen in a place where you have no contacts and won't know who to turn to at that moment. Figure it in to the cost of your trip and then hope you never have to use it. But, if you do, it's there for you.

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