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Our Private London Rock and Roll Taxi Tour

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My husband and I took a private rock and roll taxi tour of London from London History Taxi Tours. Dennis, our tour guide and driver, had some real street cred when it comes to the world of rock in London. He was (and still is, really) a guitarist and played in a couple of bands: The Limit and The Dark. Here are some fun links about his band. The Dark did a great cover of Hawaii Five-O and The Limit did a cover of The Beatles "Please Please Me".

The Dark (LINK)

The Limit (LINK)

Info about Dennis (LINK)

An album cover for The Dark
Dennis is the lad on the far right

Now that we've established that Dennis is legit, let's talk about the tour! It was amazing! We met Dennis at Kings Cross (although hotel pick up is available) and he made himself very easy to find. His taxi was spotless and very comfortable. There was a small cooler with water and some snacks at our feet. His taxi has a speaker system so we could easily hear and talk to him and he placed a small bluetooth speaker behind us so he could play music. He also had an iPad which he used to show us historic photos of the places we went.

We naturally started at Abbey Road. He had a wealth of information about the history and the bands that recorded at the studio there. We got out and he took photos of us crossing the road and then a photo of us in front of the studio.

We then spent the next few hours visiting all sorts of London music sites while listening to fascinating stories and music (including Dennis' bands). We stopped and got out for photos - often recreating iconic images for fun!

Our final stop before getting dropped off was the former Trident Studios where just about everyone who is anyone recorded at one point. It was down a walking lane and I kept wishing I could have gone back in time and just stood there and watched those bands arrive. No one really knew who some of them were at that time. If that alley could talk....

We joked with our kids that this photo will be our album cover - LOL!

An album cover

A little while after our tour, Dennis texted us all the photos he took, plus some historic photos, like the David Bowie one, for context and interest. Given that we rarely get to have photos taken together when we travel, it was a treat to have them.

So, I give this tour FIVE STARS! I liked it way more than I thought I would. It was my husband who wanted to take it more than I did but I ended up LOVING IT! When we were done,

You can book the London History Taxi Tour Rock and Roll Tour through their website HERE.

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