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London Plus

If you enjoy reading my blog and are planning a to visit London (or Europe), please consider allowing me to plan your trip. I am a licensed travel agent who is a London specialist. I have visited London several times a year for a decade and never get tired of it.

I do love London but there is so much more to see beyond that great city! In this blog, I'm going to introduce you to London plus some other fabulous places you could add to enhance your trip.

These options are tours traveling via coach or train so if you see something you like, reach out and we can price them out for you. They are high quality and good value! This company is one of my very favorite tour operators and you will be well taken care of.

London Plus Day Trips (7 Days)

A tour map of London plus day trips

If you’re looking for the perfect town and country getaway, this is it! This 7-day tour of London and the surrounding countryside is just the right balance of city and scenery, royalty and ruins, and landmarks and landscapes. With six nights in London, you’ll relish plenty of time along the Thames as well as exciting day trips that trade Big Ben for the small, quaint villages of England. Beyond London’s legendary parks and palaces, you’ll explore Shakespeare’s roots in lovely Stratford-upon-Avon, walk the medieval streets of scholarly Oxford, study the cryptic remnants of prehistoric Stonehenge, and ponder the mystery of the curious stones as you enjoy a cuppa in one of Salisbury’s half-timbered tearooms. Serving up the right balance of guided, must-see sightseeing with ample free time to explore London on your own, this tour of London and country is the perfect vacation.


Thrones and scones. Hops and scotch. Rock stars and famous rocks. They’re all included on this enthralling and encompassing tour of Britain. Pack your tweed and tartans for the best of London and country, the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, and the enchanting villages and valleys of Wales, and prepare to be swept away like a runaway bride at the elopement capital of Gretna Green. The castles and cathedrals of London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, as well as the charming pubs on every corner, will steal your heart away. With visits to the baffling boulders of Stonehenge, the battlefield of Culloden Moor, Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, and The Beatles’ home city of Liverpool, this tour of Britain promises rocking discovery and enlightenment, not to mention honorary degrees in ancient history, English literature, and music appreciation.


The drawbridges are down. The silver is polished. The tea is brewing. One lump or two? How about five?! Showing you the sweet sights of five captivating countries over 24 days, the most in-depth tour of Britain and Ireland truly pours on the charm. Royals and writers, artists and architects, real-life warriors and fictional spies — you’ll walk in the footsteps of them all throughout the legendary cities, seaside villages, and quaint countryside hamlets of England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Coast to coast, castle to castle, and pub to pub, you’ll drink in the classic landmarks and landscapes, the famous rivers and ruins, the breathtaking islands and Highlands, and the celebrated stories behind them all. From Abbey Road to Penny Lane and Stonehenge to Clava Cairns, this is the rock star of all Britain and Ireland vacations.


A cuppa tea or a petit café? A sugar-dusted scone or a savory-filled crêpe? A pint of shandy or a flute of Champagne? The beauty of visiting two of the world’s most fascinating cities in one vacation is that you can indulge in the delights of both. On this 7-day tour of London and Paris, you’ll enjoy in-depth guided sightseeing along the cities’ famous roads and rues, as well as from the perspective of the legendary Thames and Seine rivers as you take in the historic skylines on relaxing, story-filled cruises. The fun continues to flow as you admire panoramic views aboard the London Eye Ferris Wheel and indulge on a French onion soup in Paris’ lively Montmartre art district. With plenty of free time in each city, you can immerse yourself in the famous sights you’ve long envisioned, the storied streets you’ve often imagined, and the sidewalk cafés you’ve always dreamed of.

NOTE: Amsterdam can be added to this for an additional 2 days. It is one of my faves because these three cities have distinctly different looks and feels to them. You get a lovely taste of Europe in one package.

These are a just a few examples of the possible tours I can connect you with. There is a huge variety of itineraries and destinations that include London. Taking a tour like this means you just pack and show up. You get some meals, VIP skip-the-line access, excellent hotels, local tour guides and plenty of free time. You aren't hurried from place to place on a strict schedule.

Email me at if you would like more information on any of these or if you'd like to find out what other options there are. I'd love to send you to London in 2024!


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