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Halloween in London

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I've been in London on Halloween twice, now. I'll just miss it by 5 days this year. Halloween is really more of an American thing, but there are neighborhoods who celebrate it. We walked around Holland Park one year and I swear Victoria Beckham was answering her door dressed like a Mummy. Whoever it was was BRINGING the act. She would rise up in her door window when the doorbell rang and slowly open the door and silently hand out candy and then slowly shut the door and disappear again.

A doorway with pumpkins

You'll see younger people and children walking around dressed up and a few decorations in the stores and treats in various places, but not a whole lot of consistency or coordination. It was fun to just walk around because despite not celebrating the holiday, there was still a festive feeling on the streets.

That being said, there ARE things you can do to find that Halloween spirit in London.

Here's a roundup of Halloween-esque tours you can sign up for: LINK There are ghost tours, witch tours and Harry Potter tours on this list. There is even a Halloween-themed Jack the Ripper tour.

VISIT LONDON also has a list of things for Halloween that you can see HERE.

a spooky cityscape

SO, if you're going to be in London on Halloween, don't expect it to feel like American cities on that night, but you can still find something fun to do for the Spooky Season!

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