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Let's Talk about Loos - finding toilets in London

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

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Let's talk about the loo! Here's the Send Me To London breakdown on finding toilets in London.

A door with the word Loo on it

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Many people want to know WHERE they can go. It's not as dire as you think. I've never really had an issue finding a toilet when I needed one.

Like everything in the world - there's an app for that. Check out Toilets4London. You can also check the Great British Public Toilet Map. But, that may not completely solve your problem so here are some other places to find a toilet.

Parks and Markets: they may cost you money but many take a contactless card. Yes, I know you'll pay the foreign transaction fee to pee, but what else are you going to do at that moment? Some still take coins so it's one of the few reasons I keep some cash on me.

Larger tube stations: They used to be pay to pee but a few years ago, TFL

made them free to pee. Not all stations have toilets, but the larger ones should.

Train stations: The big train stations will have toilets. The one at King's Cross won an award - LOL

A sign showing that a toilet won a Loo of the Year award

Department stores: Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, Marks and Spencer, Liberty, etc will all have toilets and they will be free to use.

Takeaway food chains: Some will be locked and you might need to buy a drink to get in and show you're a customer.

Pubs: There is sort of a myth out there that "Public Houses" MUST by law allow you to use their toilets. I do not believe that is true. You MAY be able to slip into one and use it but they don't have to let you. They are sometimes below ground (in the basement).

Larger hotels: Just march in like you belong there and try to find it without stopping at the desk and giving yourself away. They may not like you being in there just to use the toilet.

Street Loos: I would let my bladder explode before I'd use one, but that's just me. You'll see them in places like Portobello Road where there aren't really shops that are big enough to have toilets and for the stall traders. But, better have some hand sanitizer on you.....

A public street toilet in Notting Hill

Malls like Westfield, Canary Wharf and One New Change will have toilets. Just check the map kiosk for location.

Museums and attractions - sometimes you can just slip into the V&A to pee although you will probably have to go through some form of security to get in so it's not your fastest option.

See, once you start with the mindset that you just don't have to find one on the street, you'll see that toilets are everywhere. So, grab that bottle of water and enjoy the day!

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